Easy Online Order to Your Doorstep – Journey of Custom Bobblehead Dolls

Custom bobblehead dolls are becoming a more popular option for special gifts every day. It’s becoming more difficult for online shoppers, especially first-time buyers, to select the best store for their custom bobblehead doll purchase due to the abundance of custom bobblehead merchants operating with eCommerce stores nowadays. Yes, Bobbleheads is among the most reputable and well-reviewed online retailers of custom bobbleheads. We provide our customers a wide variety of superb bobblehead designs.

The personalized bobbleheads are created by our incredibly talented and experienced sculptors using the images that clients supply and the styles they have chosen, respectively. Custom bobblehead doll modeling and production require a lot of effort, commitment, cutting-edge equipment, premium materials, and not to mention enough time. What exactly must be ordered in order for Yes, Bobbleheads to produce bespoke bobblehead dolls and send them to your door? Let’s examine the entire procedure we use to create the best bespoke bobblehead dolls.

We Begin With The Concept.

As we already explained, our team uses the client’s images to create bespoke bobblehead dolls. You can choose from more than a thousand different bobblehead body forms. Sounds fantastic! Let’s move forward. If you can’t discover the ideal body design for your bobblehead, don’t worry. Simply communicate your idea to us, and we will produce a perfect version for you. For a product with a dynamic design to properly fulfill consumer expectations, it needs a modern appearance.

Face Design

All of the sculptors that create our bespoke bobblehead dolls have years of experience in the field. A miniature of you or any other person you want will be delivered to your home after being expertly sculpted in clay using the images you give and using sensitive techniques to capture your distinctive features. The design photo will then be shared by our specialists for your review. Don’t worry; we will make adjustments till everything meets your standards.

Rather, go to the body.

You are ready to go if you chose one of our 1000+ unique bobblehead doll body designs. If you want a bobblehead that is completely customized, you must communicate the notion you have in mind. After using oil clay to construct the sculpt with clothing and other details, our talented sculptors will share the design with you for approval and any necessary revisions.

Mold development

We start the molding process after receiving approval for your personalized bobblehead doll design. We meticulously smooth the surface of the accepted sculpture without removing any characteristics. The accepted sculpting unit is then carefully covered with swirling liquid silicon, which is then allowed to dry. The silicon mold is then plastered externally and secured. The procedure of making the mold is complete once the plaster has solidified.

Engage the Rugged White Body in Work

Once that the plaster mold has been unmolded, liquid resin is injected into the silicone mold. We carefully and evenly pour resin over the whole mold, taking care not to create any air bubbles. The development of a rough, white body is now complete as the resin dries.

The time has come for polishing.

Using an electric drill, we trim the corners, more resin, and edges of the rough, white sculpture body. Then, using a polishing machine, we gently polish the entire piece. We have finished 90% of the process at the conclusion of this step.

Final Assembly and Verification

After polishing is complete, our talented sculptors will carefully and patiently put the two pieces together. Our specialists will share the image for final approval before we ship the entire personalized bobblehead doll for painting.

The Color Job

We will send it to our quality check department for a general inspection after receiving your approval. The entire white body will then receive the sophisticated paint treatment. To paint all of our customized bobblehead dolls, we only use non-toxic paint. Indeed, Bobbleheads employs a group of expert painters who are all professionals with a wide range of painting techniques.

final assessment and shipping

Our quality check team will make sure the manufactured personalized bobblehead dolls are up to par once the aforementioned processes have been accomplished. Following receiving a thumbs-up, the item will now be properly packaged and sent to your door using the quickest delivery method.

Purchase & Delivery

Yes, Bobbleheads accepts PayPal and credit card payments. Custom bobblehead doll manufacture typically takes 4-6 weeks (including customer approval and revisions as needed), and product shipping typically takes 7–15 days. You can choose from our rapid shipping options and faster sculpting options if you’re in a rush. Your things will be delivered as soon as next week if you choose the options below. We additionally ship our goods outside of the US to nations including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and others.

Order, please!

Are you prepared to receive your very own personalised bobblehead doll? Just look Sure, the Bobbleheads website lets you choose a custom bobblehead body, upload a photo, and make a quick, easy payment. Soon after, your gorgeous, vibrant, amusing, and juggling custom bobblehead doll will be at your door.

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